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Illinois Farm Bureau in Action

16th Annual Golf Outing

The Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau, McDonough County Farm Bureau, and Tri-County Cattlemen's Association will be hosting the 16th Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser on Friday, August 23rd at 10am at the Gibson Woods Golf Course in Monmouth.

To register download this fillable PDF and email it to whfb@whfarmbureau.org or call 309-734-9401.

Peaches Fundraiser

Our Southern Illinois Peach Fundraiser is back this year! Orders need to be placed by August 2nd for our August 13th delivery. You can mail in or drop off the flyers at the Monmouth or Stronghurst offices. Payment must accompany orders. Order forms are available here or in the offices. All proceeds will benefit the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Foundation and Ag Education Partnership.

To register download this fillable PDF and email it to whfb@whfarmbureau.org or call 309-734-9401.

Fields Apart: Rooted Together

Illinois Farm Bureau has released the complete three-part docuseries Fields Apart: Rooted Together on YouTube. This series by IFB’s award-winning video team highlights the diversity of agriculture in our state. Whether it’s a specialty crop farmer bringing fresh produce to a neighbor or row crop operation working to feed the world, Fields Apart: Rooted Together lends faces and inspirational stories to food in Illinois. You may have already seen the first episode. Now, the full, three-part docuseries has been released to the public. Your support is crucial to our ability to extend the visibility of these stories. There are messages for everyone in this docuseries. For members, there are subjects they will identify with, but they also may something from a new perspective. For legislators, these are the faces of agriculture. When they consider ag policy, they can see who they’re affecting. For consumers, we’re highlighting the value of agriculture in Illinois. Agriculture in Illinois is diverse, but our values are all the same. View this eye-opening showcase on the beauty of Illinois agriculture at fieldsapartrootedtogether.

2021 W-H Plat Books

Warren Henderson Farm Bureau® has worked with Rockford Map Publishers on new 2021 plat books. The plat books are available for purchase at W-HFB Monmouth and Stronghurst offices. Plat Books are $28.00 (this includes tax) for members and $40.00 (this includes tax) for non-members. Shipping options are available, visit whfarmbureau.org or call W-HFB for information.

USDA Program Summary

For more information on loan/grant programs offered by the USDA, visit https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/RD_ProgramMatrix.pdf

March 26 and 27 Spring FS Roundtables

The 2024 Spring FS Ag Roundtables were held on Tuesday, March 26th, and Wednesday, March 27th
Podcasts of the Roundtables can be found at radiomonmouth.com. Topics discussed included: Farm Net Income Discussion and Planting Expectations; Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Ethanol Opportunities; Carbon Markets and Sequestration Calculations; Global Exports and Agriculture World Outlook; Markets and Exports Impact on Livestock Producers; Legislation Impacting Farmers in 2024 Related to Taxes; Legislative Update for Illinois Farm Families and West Central Illinois Residents; and Immigration Impact on Agriculture’s Future.

Legislation Introduced to Change Illinois Estate Tax

The below is from the January 31, 2024, ‘Legislation introduced to change Illinois estate tax’ FarmWeekNow article.

New bipartisan measures aimed at ensuring the preservation of family farms in the event of a family member’s death were announced Wednesday after years of attempting to reform the Illinois Estate and Generation Transfer Tax Act.

Supported by Illinois Farm Bureau, Senate Bill 2921, introduced by State Sen. Dave Koehler, D-Peoria, and House Bill 4600, introduced by State Rep. Sharon Chung, D-Bloomington, are identical bills that if passed would change the state’s estate tax, specific to farms. Click here to read more.

Pesticide Testing Dates

The Illinois Department of Agriculture and the U of I Extension are teaming up to offer pesticide training and/or testing (PSEP)

To view a full list of testing and/or training dates and to register, visit http://web.extension.illinois.edu/psep/. Contact U of I Extension at 309-734-5161 or 309-309-924-1163 with questions.

2024 Certified Livestock Manager Trainings

The Illinois Department of Agriculture and University of Illinois Extension have announced options for Certified Livestock Manager Training needed to meet the requirements of the state’s Livestock Management Facilities Act. A workshop will be held at the W-HFB Auditorium in Monmouth on January 31st.

Click here to read more.

Interested in Beekeeping?

The Western Illinois Beekeepers Association cordially invites you to attend their monthly meetings. They are held the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau building., 1000 N. Main St., Monmouth, Illinois. Meetings are free and open to the public.

All events are free and open to the public. Contact Jan Arteaga at 309-313-3648 or arteaga618@gmail.com with questions or to register for an event.

The Policy Push Behind SAF

The below is from the October 4, 2023 ‘The policy push behind sustainable aviation fuel’ FarmWeekNow article.
By Timothy Eggert, Agriculture Policy Editor for FarmWeek

“The reality is we’re not going to have battery power for long-distance travel. Our military (planes) can’t be powered by them, or ships,” Vilsack explains. “So there’s a need for a low-carbon aviation and marine fuel; it happens to be a 36-billion-gallon potential industry.”

Attention and advocacy around sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), what Vilsack frames as “the next generation” of liquid biofuels, has accelerated since 2016, with policymakers and industry stakeholders presenting it as a critical pathway to both decarbonize the aviation industry and maintain market demand for U.S.-grown grain.

Their push stems from pressure to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions tied to aviation. Non-military aviation accounts for 11% of all U.S. transportation-related emissions — and is backed by billions of dollars in federal investments, federal and state tax credits and explicit production goals.

It also responds to sluggish domestic production and consumption, as a mere 33.3 million gallons of SAF were consumed in the U.S. from 2016 and 2022, with the latter year accounting for 15.8 million gallons alone.

This Oct. 4 story represented the first of a three-part FarmWeek series exploring sustainable aviation fuel, titled "Farm, fuel, flight: How the aviation industry is betting on flyover country for decarbonization." To read the full article and parts two and three, click below.

Stay Up-to-Date on IL Ag News

Stay updated on Agriculture and Illinois Farm Bureau News by visiting farmweeknow.com. RFD Radio Network™ is the most listened to source for Illinois farm and rural information. Listen to RFD Radio Network by tuning in to RFD affiliate Prairie Communications at 1330AM and 95.7FM.
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W-H Ag in the Classroom Fall Events

Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau and the W-H Ag Education Partnership - Ag in the Classroom Program, led by Ag Coordinator Anna Sharp, have stayed busy to begin the school year. Recent events have included 4th Grade Ag Day for Kids at Fairview Center United Methodist Church, 5th Grade Farm Safety Day at the Henderson County Fairgrounds, and several classroom visits. Click the Education tab to learn more about the W-H Ag in the Classroom Program and to see more pictures.

Adopt a Legislator Visits

Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau had two visits over the past month with their Adopt-A-Legislator®, Representative Jenn Ladisch Douglass of the 45th District. Illinois Farm Bureau developed its Adopt-A-Legislator® program in 2001 with the purpose of building long-term personal relationships between urban state legislators and farmers from across the state.

Click here to learn more about the visits and Rep. Ladisch Douglass.

McDonough Telephone Cooperative (MTC)

McDonough Telephone Cooperative (MTC) has been investing in our communities since 1951. From the initial cooperative members coming together in 1951 to provide phone service to the area, all the way to today, MTC has always focused on providing reliable service to its members.
Now, we’re devoted to building a reliable, all-fiber optic gigabit networks in the Midwest Illinois so our region has the best possible broadband available.

Maps of the build and MTC’s current Fiber areas are available online at: mtcfiber.net.

Residents are encouraged to visit mtcfiber.net. to register their interest in MTC’s Gig-capable fiber optic internet. MTC will email updates out to everyone registered through mtcfiber.net. and email an official service application when MTC is ready to construct fiber drops in their area. For more information, follow MTC’s Facebook page at facebook.com/followmdtc.

Click here for a full write-up.

Illinois Farm Families: We are the 96%

Be sure to check out Illinois Farm Families’ recently launched “We are the 96” campaign by visiting Wearethe96.org. The campaign features more than 25 farm families across the state with the goal to make Illinois residents aware that 96% of farms in the state are family-owned and operated.

Sustaining our Future Documentary

Illinois Farm Bureau is proud to highlight the work our members are doing to improve soil health and water quality through a documentary titled “Sustaining Our Future: A Farm Family Story,” which debuted Dec. 3 at the Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting.

Illinois farmers have a proven track record when it comes to caring for our natural resources. Whether implementing new solutions to utilize fertilizer efficiently, install conservation practices, or engage in meaningful discussions with university researchers and industry partners, farmer efforts continue to drive innovative solutions that improve their farms while protecting the environment.

Illinois Farm Bureau members can help amplify the story by viewing and sharing the video from the IFB YouTube channel here: youtube.com/ILFarmBureauIFB.

IAA Foundation Offers Trucking Scholarships

Truck drivers are critical for transporting farm commodities, inputs, and food throughout our state and nation. Without truck drivers, the entire supply chain weakens. The Driving Agriculture Forward Scholarship Program, funded by the Illinois Farm Bureau, offsets the cost of required commercial truck driver training and ensures more well-trained, safe drivers are available to drive agriculture forward.

The IAA Foundation, in partnership with the Illinois Soybean Association, is pleased to offer twenty $1,000 awards to students enrolled at an Illinois Community College Truck Driver Training for 2024.

Click here to learn more.


Illinois growers and grower farm operators who transport or apply anhydrous ammonia,or otherwise maintain anhydrous ammonia equipment, now are required by state regulation (8 IAC 215) to complete Certified Grower Training.

Growers and grower farm operators have until April 1, 2022 to become certified. Their certification will be good for three years from the date they complete the training, after which time they will need to participate in a refresher course.

Certified Grower Training will be delivered through both online and in-person instruction at no cost to the grower or grower farm operator. Growers and grower farm operators can choose whichever method they prefer.

Learn more information by clicking here.

Behavioral & Mental Health Resources

Not all wounds are visible and sometimes calling upon the farming community – friends, neighbors, or clergy can make a difference in managing stressful situations and crises. Below are some outside resources available for those in such a situation. More information can be found under the LINKS tab.
Amy Rademaker (Carle Hospitals) : Resources, Symptoms, and Articles Regarding Mental Health and Cultivating Wellness
Rural Mental Health Support -
Ted Matthews

(320) 266-2390
Screening for Mental Health, Inc.
(781) 239-0071
Farmer Resource Network (Farm Aid)
Rural Assistance Center
August 14 - Mental Health Discussion
Live Broadcast

Make space for a healthy mind. Have you checked out SilverCloud yet?

SilverCloud is a free, secure, anonymous and interactive platform to help you manage the feelings and causes of depression, anxiety or stress. Offered by OSF HealthCare and available to the public, SilverCloud is an online resource available on your computer, tablet, or phone designed to provide you with easy access to supportive behavioral therapy programs catered to your personal situation. View the links below to learn more.
  • Click here to sign-up for SilverCloud
  • View Mental Health Resources
  • Read their blog

Warren-Henderson Takes on the 10 Gallon Milk Challenge

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Stay up-to-date with the markets, weather, and most current ag topics at FarmWeek Now.

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Check out Illinois Farm Bureau’s podcasts that give insight on Illinois farm, family, and food related issues! Available at this link include the Partners, RFD Radio, RFD Illinois, and Best of RFD podcasts. Whether you’re interested in the markets and weather, hearing in-depth interviews with top ag decision-makers, listening to a recap of ‘what happened this week in Illinois agriculture’, or learning about some ideas on Illinois places and events to visit, IFB has you covered!"


The Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau® is a non-profit, membership organization. We one of 96 other Illinois county Farm Bureaus which make up the Illinois Farm Bureau.  Each county Farm Bureau® is governed by their own board of directors consisting of farmer members. 

Farm Bureau was originally organized to promote the most permanent and profitable system of agriculture possible as well as the education, social and financial welfare of its members.  The organization has evolved into assisting farmers with legislative issues, providing leadership opportunities and educational programs, furnishing information on services and products and educating the general public about the agriculture industry.

We are a grassroots organization who takes direction from our members at the local level.  The policies of the Illinois Farm Bureau are a result of resolutions submitted from county Farm Bureau®s and adopted by the voting delegation of farmer members at the Illinois Farm Bureau® annual meeting.  We have both farmer (voting) members and non-farmer (associate, non-voting members).  Anyone 18 years or older can become a member. 

Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau®’s mission statement:
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