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The Farm Bureau is a membership organization comprised of both non-farm and farmer members. The organization supports and promotes agriculture. If you are a farmer, landowner, involved in agribusiness or simply a person who loves to eat then you are involved with agriculture. Becoming a member of the Farm Bureau is a simple but very effective way to put your support behind the farmers who produce your family’s food and fiber and entitles you to many benefits and discounts. Join Farm Bureau and show your support of agriculture and the farmers who help raise the foods that we eat. Find out more!


Anyone can be a member of Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau; you don’t have to farm in order to become a member. We have different classifications for memberships.  Just because you don’t own farm ground and/or do not receive have farm income doesn’t mean you can’t become a member.  You can join as an associate member and still receive the same discounts and benefits that our farmer members receive.  Only farmer members can vote and serve on the board.  The different classifications and rates are explained below.

Membership Classifications & Rates:

  • “A” Associate members are members who do not receive farm income or have any interest in agriculture.  New applications are reviewed and approved by the board of directors.  The annual dues for an associate member are $20 at the time they join and will come due again one year from the date they join. Associate members have no voting privileges and may not serve on the board.

  • Farmer members are members who own or rent farm ground and/or receive gross farm income of $2,500.00 or more per year in crop sales, cash rent, FSA payments, etc.  Annual dues for farmer members are $75 but are pro-rated during our membership year which runs from August 1st to July 31st.  Farmer members have voting privileges and may serve on the board.

  • Spousal Membership allows the spouse of farmer member to have their own membership at a discounted rate.  Annual dues for a spousal membership are $30 but are prorated during our membership year.  Spousal members have voting privileges and may serve on the board.



“It’s good to know that there is an organization looking out for farmers’ interests as new laws and regulations are being proposed”

“Discounts for hotels works very well. We were able to save on a trip and use that money elsewhere!”

“I love the discounts and being a part of Farm Bureau extends my voice beyond anyone I can locally reach”

“I joined Farm Bureau because I wanted to have input in the lobbying for ag issues. I also wanted to be involved with agricultural education and to help improve the farmer’s image with the non-farm public.”

“When I discuss issues with the public or with legislators, the Farm Bureau name gives integrity to our industry.”

“I became a Farm Bureau member because it is a family tradition.”

“The biggest tangible benefit that I get from being a Farm Bureau member is all the information.”

“I became a Farm Bureau so I could be more involved in the community and help educate our communities about agriculture.”


Farm Bureau was created by a group of farmers to promote agriculture and assist farmers with issues affecting their farming operations. Some of the intangible benefits Farm Bureau provides to its members are news and informational sources; marketing services; acting as a political force in county, state, and national politics; and providing business services through its affiliated companies. The organization acts as a watchdog on the political field and serves as an advocate for its members. Being a member of the Farm Bureau also entitles you to many tangible benefits and discounts at the state and local level.

Online Membership Platform - Abenity

Illinois Farm Bureau has partnered with the online membership platform Abenity to allow members online access to over 300,000 local and national discounts. This web platform is available online and through the iPhone and Android App Store. To register:
  1. Visit ilfb.abenity.com or search Illinois Farm Bureau Benefits/Abenity in your App Store (see below links)

  2. Create an account using your Illinois Farm Bureau membership number entered as: your county’s 3 digit code, dash, your FBCN with no letter at the end. Warren-Henderson’s three digit code is 093. Example: 093-1234567.
This platform shows both local and national discounts and can be customized to search by business, location, or category (ex: theme park tickets, restaurants, travel, etc.) Be sure to check out the different categories and seasonal savings so you can save today!

FS Patronage

Members who have a voting (farm) membership may qualify for a Patronage Refund from West Central FS, Inc. 
To find out more about the FS Patronage process call their Galesburg office at 309-343-1600 or their Macomb office at 309-833-2168


Manage your membership information all through the online membership center.
  • Renew your membership
  • Change/update your address
  • Request a replacement membership card
  • You will need to click on “Create an Account” under NEW USER. Select “093” from the drop down box and enter your Farm Bureau number located on your membership card. Create a unique username and password and click on “register”.